January Sampler Box – All things Cabernet


Take the Chill out of January!


Shake off those winter blues with some warming Cabernet treats included in our January Sampler box. Enjoy our very popular Heritage Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, a perfect wine to chase away a chilly day especially when paired with the enclosed Marcona almonds from our friends at Napa Nuts. Another treat you will find is a large bottle of the iconic Black Stallion Cabernet infused chocolate sauce crafted by the legendary Anette’s Chocolates of Napa Valley. This chocolate sauce is so popular, we have been partnering with Anette’s to create this for over 12 years. Lastly, we have included two luxurious items from Napa Soap Company, a rich Cabernet Sauvignon bath bomb and a bar of silky moisture Cabernet Sauvignon hand soap. The January Sampler box is a great gift for anyone who enjoys Cabernet Sauvignon and would also make a wonderful Valentine’s gift for that special someone!