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2019 Napa Valley Limited Release Syrah Rose

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2019 Limited Release Napa Valley Rosé of Syrah



Our dry Rosé exhibits aromas of cranberry, pomegranate, strawberry and raspberry followed by flavors of nectarine and tart cherry. This soft-bodied wine has lively acidity and juicy finish.


The 2019 vintage in Napa Valley was another example of fantastic growing conditions that lead to prime quality grapes.  There were of course some challenges to overcome through the year, but none were too much to hurt quality in the end.  The weather in January/February was cool, not extremely cold, and the cooler weather extended a bit later than usual.  The cooler weather caused the grapevines to break bud a couple weeks behind normal.  We expected the late budbreak and cooler weather to slow and extend the ripening period and result in a later than normal harvest.  In May, there were some storms that passed through Napa Valley and delivered a significant amount of water to the vineyards.  This water recharged the water immediately available to the vines and allowed them to grow with immense vigor.  Berry sizes were a bit larger than normal and lead to a large harvest, almost as much as the huge 2018 harvest.  The biggest viticultural challenge of the vintage was the high mildew pressure that remained almost entirely throughout the growing season.  Mildew susceptible varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir were hit especially hard, with some vineyards producing less than half of the crop as usual. 

As harvest approached, the weather warmed and ripening accelerated.  We started Harvest about 1 week later than in 2018 and quality was very promising.  PG&E threw us a wrench in the winery as they announced they were implementing Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) during dangerous weather events.  There were several PSPS events throughout harvest, and an emergency generator suddenly became a critical piece of infrastructure.  We endured through these challenges and finished the year with our tanks and barrels full of incredible wines. 


Tasting Note
Vintage 2019
Wine Style Rosé Wine
Varietal Rosé
Appellation Napa Valley
Acid 0.58g/100ml
PH 3.37
Alcohol % 14.5
Size 750 ml

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